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Catering Menu

Chicken: Serves 10

Jerk Chicken Tray $150

Pineapple BBQ Tray $160

Curry Chicken Tray $150

Brownstew Chicken Tray $150

Arroz Con Pollo/ Spanish Rice and Chicken $150.00

Chicken Fricase $100

Mixed Meat: Serves 10

Oxtail / Robó Encendido Tray $250.00

Curry Goat $250.00

Shredded Beef Ropa Vieja/ Braised Beef Tray Cuban Pulled Pork/ Lechon /Jerk/ Stew Beef/ Carne Guisado $200.00

Seafood: Serves 10

Fried Fish Fillet /Brownstew/ Escoviche $200.00

Arroz con Camarones (Rice with Shrimp) $250.00

Camarones a Ajillo (Shrimp in White Wine Garlic Sauce) $250. 00

Curry Shrimp $250.00

Curry Coconut Shrimp $250.00 


Paella (Rice with Lobster, Chicken, Chorizo, Clams, Calamari, Mussels, Shrimps and Saffron Rice) $ 40.00 pp

Veggie: Serves 10

Vegan Cuban Ground Beef $150

Calloo ( Jamaican Spinach) $100

Veggie Paella$150

Side Dishes: Serves 10

White rice $30

Rice and peas $50

Black Bean$25

Sweet plantain $45

Green plantain$40

Veggie Rice$30

Cilantro Rice$25

Yuca $26

Congri $50

Island Slaw $%0

Additional charge for cutlery , plates and delivery.


Please submit your order by calling or emailing. 50% deposit due upon your order submission and remaining balance due during pickup. Please allow 24 hours for your catering order.

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