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When you come in we welcome you as part of our family. Cooked fresh daily, our first ingrediant is love. The homemade island flavor is our specialty. From our kitchen to your plate, come and taste this Caribbean flare!! 

P.S. Love is Gluten Free, Vegan, Organic, Cruelty Free, Low in Calories, and a Super Food!!


Menu Items





Cuban sandwich


Small Bites


Guava & Cheese


Pineapple& Coconut

Cuban puff pastries with fruit preserves.





Chef's Choice.

Bachamel base breaded and fried shaped like a small cigar.



Empanada of the Day

Cuban Style Ground Beef

Curry Chicken

Ham & Cheese

Jamaican Veggie Patties +1

Jamaican Beef Patties +1

Baked half moon pie stuffed with meat. 

Jamaican beef Pattie curry flakey dough with spicy beef inside.



Cuban Espresso 2

Cuban dark roast espresso. Known as the crack of espressos.

Colada/Cuban Espresso to Go 2.50

Cuban dark roast espresso. Larger cup meant for sharing. Served with small shot cups.

Cortadito/Cuban Espresso with a Splash of Frothy Milk 2.25

Cuban dark roast expresso with a shot steaming hot milk.

Café con Leche/Cuban Expresso with Hot Frothy Milk 3.50

Cappachino/Cuban Espresso,Frothy Milk and Whipped Cream 4

Cuban Hot Chocolate 2

Hot Tea 2

Big Bites


Service with Choice of Rice , Sweet Plantains and Island Slaw

Cuban Style Ground Beef 11

*Braised Oxtail 18

*Cuban Grilled Steak and Onions 13

*Jamaican Curry Goat 18

*BBQ Chicken/ Pineapple or Guava 13

*Jamaican Jerk Chicken 13

*Cuban Grill Chicken 12

Cuban Pork Chunks/ Jerk Pork 14



*Cuban Sandwich 11

Ham,Oven Roast Pork, Swiss Cheese on

Cuban Bread with Mustard and Pickles

Midnight Sandwich 10

Ham,Oven Roast Pork,Swiss Cheese

on Sweet Egg Roll Mustard and Pickles

Cuban Sandwich with Croquettes 12

Ham,Roast Pork,Swiss

Cheese Two Croquettes on Cuban Bread with Mustard and Pickles

Jerk Pork / Cuban Roast Pork Sandwich 14

Choice of Pork on Cuban

Bread Served with Lettuce and Tomato and Signature Sauce

Cuban Steak Sandwich 11

Cuban Cut Steak on Cuban Bread with

Grilled Onions,Shoestring Potatoes & Tomato

Jerk Chicken Sandwich 11

Jerk Chicken on Freshly Baked Bread with

Lettuce,Tomato and Jerk Mayonnaise

Francisco's Cuban Club 14

Ham, Roast Pork,Swiss Cheese& Bacon on Cuban Bread with Lettuce,Tomato

and our Signature Sauce

Caribbean Fish Sandwich 13

Fried Fish Fillet, Swiss Cheese, Pickle,Lettuce , Tomato, and Signature Sauce

What our customers are saying

Jeffery L.

Rochester, MN

61 friends

19 reviews

5.0 star rating


Almost reminds me of Miami. It's that good! Just try it. It's good and you'll be full and will go back again.

Christopher F.

Rochester, MN

23 friends

58 reviews

Finally found this place. I couldn't decide on what to get and the lady named possibilities. She finally got to "steak and grilled onions" and it got my attention. It was so yummeee! Large thin cut steak with everything - salad, saffron rice and black beans, grilled peppers, and plantains. I'm so full. It was the best deal EVER! I'll be back to try the jerk chicken next time.

Mia W.

Atlanta, GA

 9 friends

59 reviews

5.0 star rating


I have been wanting to try this place for awhile now but haven't been able to because I work Monday - Friday and they're closed on the weekends. Thanks to the wonderful app DoorDash I finally got my chance! They just added Francisco's to their restaurant list so I was quick to order delivery and boy was I amazed! I got the Ropa Vieja special with yellow rice and plantains and my coworker got the Jerk Chicken Tacos. Omg it was all so amazing! We're both sitting here at work, stuffed, content, and finding it hard to get back to work after lunch lol!

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